Do You Know Your Rights???

Safety Starts With YOU

Under section 43 in our Health and Safety Act, you have the right to refuse unsafe work. It is your responsibility as much it is your employers. Never forget you only have one life and its yours to take care of. Unsafe - what can it be - wearing jewelry at work, having unsafe equipment or simply not wearing your hard hat or safety glasses. Prevention is your responsibility too.

WSIB (Workman's Health and Safety Insurance Board) requires all work related injuries be reported within the first six months or you loose the right to Workmen's Compensation benefits. It is extremely important that you report your work-related injury IMMEDIATELY to your foreman, co-workers, and WSIB. Telephone number for WSIB in Ottawa is 1-800-267-9601

Most important is to seek Medical attention in you local Hospital and make sure you tell you Doctor exactly what happened!!!

You should get a copy of Form 7 Accident Report from your Employer: This is your proof for your work related injury and please start keeping a dairy of your injury, doctor appointments and treatments.

Please remember WSIB is Provincial Government:

CPP (Canada Disability Pension Plan) Legislation : To be able to qualify you must apply with in 3 to 6 month of injury or disablement if you are not able to return to work with in 3 years, you disqualify from your benefits till the age of 65

If you need more information on these two above subjects please call us: 613 - 938- 9111 We are here to help and guide you.

Please remember CPP is Federal Government:

The SD&G Resource Center for Injured and Disabled workers is a non-profit volunteer organization. We were founded in 1992 for the purpose of helping injured and disabled workers to obtain fair compensation with WSIB, CPP, EI, FBA and insurance claims. If you have problems with your claim you can come to us and we will try to help you in getting the problem solved.


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